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Rating System Assessments.

As of 20 March 2019, the Fitness for Human Habitation Act is in force for tenancies in England. This legislation amended the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 so that landlords must ensure their property is fit for human habitation at the start of the tenancy and then maintain this standard throughout the rest of the time the tenant lives in the property.

A Smart Families Home Health & Safety Assessment utilises a risk assessment method called the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS).  HHSRS was introduced by the Housing Act 2004 and has been in force since April 2006. It is the main system for assessing and enforcing housing standards in England and Wales. 

The HHSRS framework allows our trained assessors to inspect a dwelling and look for any risk of harm to an actual or potential occupier of a dwelling, which results from a deficiency that can give rise to a hazard.  Our assessors will judge the severity of the risk by thinking about the likelihood of an occurrence that could cause harm over the next twelve months, and the range of harms that could result.  This forms only part of our evidence, awareness and advice based approach to improving safety standards within the home and their suitability for tenants.

Urban Housing

This means we are capable of assessing even a vacant dwelling, and if that dwelling is rated as safe for those considered to be most vulnerable it will be safe for anyone from a HHSRS perspective.

We can apply our risk assessment methods and can work directly for landlords, housing associations and other stakeholders.

We are also able to utilise HHSRS when assessing Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) so we are able to offer specific guidance to landlords of these types of property, along with detailed guidance on fire safety requirements with our Fire Risk Assessment services.

Using an independent assessor can be particularly useful if you are a landlord who is having issues with property maintenance and may be in dispute with a tenant or local authority.  We use the same systems to assess dwellings as your local authority and can help in conflict resolution issues.

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