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At its most basic a HMO is a property occupied as the primary residence of three or more people, living in two or more households.

However, there are a number of different definitions of a HMO set out in the Housing Act 2004 that complicate this definition.

While many families do live in the private rented sector, a number of properties are classed as house in multiple occupation (HMO). These properties are rented out to people who share no family ties; often the tenants are students or young professionals.

Due to the nature of these tenancies, there are a number of additional requirements placed on landlords who manage HMO properties. This includes more rigorous fire safety requirements, waste disposal rules and potentially the need to apply for a licence to manage the property.

As a result, it is important to understand whether or not you have a HMO and what additional requirements you need to abide by as the manager of a HMO property.

Smart Families have the experience and knowledge to advise and guide you through the various stages of effectively managing this type of property.  We are also accredited to assess HMOs using the Housing Health & Safety Rating System and advise on the requirements needed to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005).

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